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Technical solutions for companie's digital environments

KRC Española is born in the year 1986 as an engineering company, contributing solutions to the aeronautic and telecommunication sectors. Since then, it has been involved in projects that required high specialisation and has evolved to become a technology company that offers its services in different areas.

Among the services that we offer, highlight those related to the infrastructure of systems of Information Technology: hardware, software, communication systems, data systems and human factor (user interaction and personal that is in charge of managing of the systems).

Likewise, more than a decade ago, we began designing equipment and technological solutions that operate under very high safety and operational paradigms. Nowadays, we market various IT products under our own brand name, KATUA.

The main objective of KRC Española is to give service to out clients and contribute agile and efficient solutions. Aware of how fast technology evolves in the digital environment sector, in our R&D department we have great professionals who adapt to the latest trends and create solutions for complex projects. As a result of this demand, projects such as KATUA SDI Platform (hyper-convergent solution for the deployment of services) and KATUA Drone System (secure communications system in sUAV), with advanced security functionalities, both evaluated by the National Cryptologic Centre (CCN_Cert).