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Security bydesign in IT solutions

KATUA SDI Platform is the hyper-convergent management platform of KRC Española. Based on the SDI (Software Defined Infrastructure) paradigm, it confers the capacity to create complete virtual data centres, where all the elements of storage, network management and computing are defined and configured by software.

The platform's high scalability gives the infrastructures great flexibility and growth possibilities. Starting from a single node, it is possible to evolve to complex systems with multiple nodes, even with geographical dispersion.

KATUA SDI Platform has been conceived to evolve from pure HCI platforms to cloud computing platforms, evolving from the concept of virtualisation to the concept of service.


Main Features

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Secure web-based platform management (TLS 1.2)
Platform management via CLI secured via ssh
Integrated hypervisor with the ability to run instances of the most common operating systems
Ability to create multiple instances concurrently
Unlimited capacity for software-defined networking (hardware dependent)
Multitenant: allows you to create a partitioning of resources for multiple projects
Can be integrated with existing infrastructures
Local or remote Backups
Geographical dispersion of nodes
Allows high availability
Highly scalable
Product evaluated and certified by the National Cryptologic Centre. Including CCN_STIC_104

Available Configurations

The KATUA SDI Platform is highly versatile, allowing it to be used in multiple scenarios, from high-end data centres to mobile environments, deployable in the following configurations:


"All-In-One" configuration, where all elements are deployed on the same machine.
If required, “All-In-One” nodes can be daisy-chained to obtain fault-tolerant "Active-Passive" solutions.


Configuration where the computing and storage elements are distributed
over different pieces of equipment. This option allows elements to be added as they are needed.

MULTIPLE-NODE + External Storage

Chained "All-In-One" configuration (with high availability options) with the addition of the option of external mass storage.


All-In-One configuration deployed on highly mobile equipment, typically installed in a portable case for rapid deployment in off-road or emergency environments.

DaaS Tool (VDI)

KATUA VDI Platform is KRC Española's platform for virtualisation of the workplace. Based on the DaaS (Desktop as a Service) philosophy, it is deployed with the Katua SDI Platform solution for desktop instance management as a service, allowing the creation of complete virtual DPCs.

Virtualised desktops can be either instances within the HCI infrastructure or physical machines, which allows the service to be managed in a unified way, enabling the use of specific desktops for users with special requirements (GPUs).

Access to the desktops provided by the platform is based on the "clientess" concept, so there is no need to install additional software on the thinclients, beyond an HTML5-compatible web browser, reducing the cost of administration.

The deployed desktops can be Windows (in all its variants), as well as Linux desktops.

Main Features

Platform management via web
Compatible with Windows or Linux desktops
Desktop management as instances or physical desktops
Multiple authentication mechanisms: AD, LDAP, Raduis, OpenID, SAML
Persistent and ephemeral embedded storage
Can be integrated with existing infrastructures
Remote or local Backups
Geographical dispersion of VDI customers
High scalability
Advanced auditing capabilities including desktop recording (in graphical or console mode)
API available for integration and/or customisation
Security based on users/groups/roles