Drone Security System

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Security bydesign in IT solutions

Control of the whole data cycle in sUAV systems

The KATUA Drone System allows the integral control of all the information generated by the sUAV systems (video, telemetry, logs...) from its origin in the aerial device to its storage and processing in real time at the command and control location, and delegated authorities.

All transmissions of the flight phase, as well as storage, are encrypted, using protocols recognised on the market such as AES, SSL, TLS implemented on cyphersuites certified in environments classified within the National Security Scheme.

Suitable for virtually any professional UAV with up to eight engines.

katua drone system

Main Features

Full custodianship of the information chain in systems requiring the use of drones.
Real-time transmission of encrypted information from source to final destination.
Suitable for virtually any professional UAV with up to eight engines.
Possibility to deploy real-time computer vision models on the sUAV for object recognition.
On premise storage and post-processing infrastructure (KATUA SDI Platform), compatible with different sUAV that allows from image and video analysis, to correlation with events, AI, etc...
Integration with intelligent analysis systems (AI + BIgData).
Product under evaluation by the National Cryptologic Centre (STIC-CPSTIC Product Catalogue).


Air Elements

Open hardware-based flight control system.
Maximum system distance, up to 12km under ideal conditions (CE mode).
Transmission latency <= 110ms
Fullduplex communication, with simultaneous encryption of command and control channel, telemetry and video.
Compatible with most professional cameras on the market.
Ability to work with two cameras simultaneously.
720p/1080p into 30/60fps
Deployability in sUAVs with up to eight engines.
Almacenamiento del log de la operación en tarjeta SD interna en el ordenador de vuelo.
Operation log storage with Smart (AI) module for real-time analysis of images.
Encrypted system

Earth Elements

Transmitter for sUAV control with 5.5" display.
AP for the transmission of the video stream to the ground station integrated in the transmitter itself.
Rugged laptop-based ground station.
Transmission from the ground station to the storage infrastructure securely and encrypted.

Storage & Processing

HCI Katua SDI Platform with the necessary services for the management of the securized conexions with the ground station.
Configuration according to good practices recomended by the National Cryptologic Center
Integration with KRC's DataHUB system for information exploitation, with video analysis capabilities, bigdata, correlation, etc.

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